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An Introduction to D-Drops

D-Drops — A new layer of the physical world filled with Treasures and unique NFT’s. — secure and fully decentralised Geo-located drops.

The Future D-Drops is creating, is based on a couple of assumptions of the future.

  • Blockchain technology will lead to a more transparent and fair world.

Moving the financial infrastructure away from a centralized system towards a decentralized economic structure is leading to a more even wealth distribution. Furthermore, the transparent and tamper-resistant nature of blockchain technology ensures a more secure and fair economic world.

  • The thinning of the boundary between the digital and the physical world.

ust by analyzing the new technologies that are coming up such as NFT’s and digital museum tours, we can see a clear trend of integration between the two worlds. At first, people wanted to create real-life experiences in games and other digital domains. It started with steering wheels in racing games and led to motion detectors in consoles such as the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect. The idea is to integrate real-life experience with the digital, VR is the latest step towards this direction and it has opened up a whole new playing field to explore.

Looking at it from a different perspective we would also like to integrate digital objects into our physical world. Who can forget the Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson hologram concerts? Nowadays AR is the new hot player in the market, being able to furnish your entire home with AR objects to see how it looks is not a concept of the future but a fact of the present.

AR has opened an entirely new method to integrate digital assets into the physical world. Who can forget the vastly popular AR app: PokemonGO. The streets were filled worldwide with people exploring an entirely new digital layer of the physical world.

  • NFT’s will create endless opportunities for digital and physical assets.

NFT’s have become the hottest thing in town these days. While it is fun to have the first tweet of Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) as an NFT in your wallet, there are many more possible use cases for NFT’s.

Did you know that an artist could release a record as an NFT and sell a limited amount of it? The artist could also add a function into the Smart Contract which will reward the creator with a royalty whenever the record is transferred to a new owner. Or a writer that could create a limited edition book NFT, that gives the holder of the NFT the privilege to ask the writer anything!

One of the most interesting use cases is the fact that NFT’s can be directly linked to physical objects. This means that the owner of an NFT corresponding to a physical item will also be the owner of the physical item. Just imagine how easy it will be to prove something is yours, just show them your NFT. No more contracts or certifications will be necessary, the NFT and the underlying blockchain will immediately validate your claim of ownership

D-Drops Vision for the Future.

We at D-Drops believe that there can a beautiful symbiosis between the Physical World and the Digital World. We envision a future where technology enhances our Physical World and in return, the Physical World accepts and welcomes the technological innovations that come with time.

With D-Drops we want to make a step in the right direction by creating an AR layer filled with treasures and NFT’s. Here people will not only be able to gain wealth by collecting treasure through exploring the physical world. But also enhance the world with their own additions, by creating Drops. People can drop treasures for others to find, but they could also drop NFT’s with a unique use case.

For instance, a big brand like NIKE could release a limited edition shoe and drop NFT’s of it all over the world. With these NFT’s people can claim the limited edition shoes. Or imagine setting up your own treasure hunt for family and friends. Creating clues and dropping them as NFT’s on locations to create a unique and fun activity.

The possibilities are endless, so we will not discuss all of them. Our goal here is to tease your imagination to go wild and think of all of the unique use cases of our platform.

Phase One

During Phase One, we will be focused on growing the community and raising enough funds to build the DApp D-Drops. D-Drops will start organizing physical drops during phase one. This introduces the concept and enables holders of DOP to already particpate in drops.

The first-ever Drop will be held in a spectacular fashion. D-Drops will be launching the first drop into space and will drop it from there. Holders of the DOP token will be able to go treasure hunting for this drop and collect the contents of the treasure.

Launch Paper
A detailed description of how we will exactly execute the physical launch is written in our official launchpaper. We have also provided the mathematical argumentation in this paper.

The content of the drops will exist out of BNB and a Unique NFT specially created for the event in collaboration with an 3D/NFT artist. The NFT will be a representation of the vision D-Drops is working towards.

The treasure will contain at least $15K in BNB + The unique NFT.

More information and the upcoming Presale

D-Drops will be organizing a crowd sale for the DOP token soon. For more information about the Presale and project we advise you to visit our website, read our documentation, and Whitepaper.



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D-Drops — A new layer of the physical world filled with treasures and unique NFT’s. — secure and fully decentralized Geo-located drops.